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Bruce Ticker
Bruce Ticker
Bruce Ticker

Bruce S. Ticker of center city Philadelphia is a former reporter and editor who writes on Israel and other issues for Web sites and newspapers. He holds a day job as a municipal government employee and blogs at  He can be contacted at community @

June 2009: Vital Link
April 2009: Jewish motorcyclists to the rescue
February 2009: Unwavering
February 2009: Rotten in Gaza
February 2009: Tribes of Rivals
January 2009: No Respect
August 2008: Seattle Slaying
July 2008: Bronx Cheer
April 2008: Philly Rally
January 2008: Rick Santorum
December 2007: Statecraft
September 2007: Soldiers of Misfortune
May 2007: Arabs Arising
March 2007: Voiding Israel's Leadership Void
February 2007: Hitting Hate Speech Too Hard
January 2007: A Moderate Revolt
November 2006: Central Park Protest
November 2006: The Chosen Targets
October 2006: Three Local Libraries Receive Jewish Literature Grants
September 2006: Garaway
September 2006: Peoria
September 2006: Folkschlep
September 2006: Har Sinai Temple Purchases New Site
August 2006: The Lobbies
August 2006: We Stand with Israel
March 2006: Successful Women Reflect On Life Goals
March 2006: Israeli Film Festival Takes on Issues of War, Romance and Religion
February 2006: Poor Effort
February 2006: Delaware Gratz
December 2005: Mazel Tov: Honors to Kaiserman Summer Day Camp and BZ-BI Rabbi
December 2005: The Improper Bostonian
December 2005: Bias-Incident Watch: Ohio, New York and Philadelphia
December 2005: Brooklyn Man Beaten and Robbed Inside Synagogue
December 2005: Temple Tantrums - From Boca to Brooklyn
December 2005: Brotherhood in Queens
December 2005: Quirky Corner
November 2005: Musings: A Dispersed Jewish Populace
November 2005: Tributes: David Cohen & Molly Yard
October 2005: Judging Roberts: United Synagogue not so United
October 2005: CJC Seeks CJC for a Serious Long-term Relationship
October 2005: Bias-Incident Watch
October 2005: Quirky Corner
September 2005: AIPAC Charges Offer Opportunity
September 2005: Sweet and Sour Rice
September 2005: Team Philadelphia Brings Home the Gold (and Silver and Bronze) at the 2005 JCC Maccabi Games
August 2005: Anti-Semitic Vandalism in New York
August 2005: The Coffee Cup Nazi
August 2005: Snowbird Alert: Beloved Boca Rabbi Retires
August 2005: Cancer of Anti-Semitism in North Jersey
August 2005: Pennsylvania GOP Moderates in Uphill Struggle
July 2005: The Mensch who Saved Rosh Hashanah in Edison, New Jersey
July 2005: Disengagement Plan for Manhattan Tenant Dashed

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