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Special Dossier
Decision 5767 - Jewish Perspectives

The election coverage in our last issue was so well received, we decided to continue in this vein and explore the issues in the coming election from a uniquely Jewish angle.

Most importantly, the Philadelphia Jewish Voice has prepared Voter Guides for the following races giving candidates stands on the issues of concern to the Jewish community, from the security of the state of Israel, the war against Iraq, separation between Church and State, reproductive choice, stem cell research, ... Please forward links to these voter to your contacts in the area. Information on other races may be available on request.

Santorum's vote enabling Halliburton to continue trading with Iran featured in last month's article, has sparked considerable feedback, including two editorials in the Washington Times defending Santorum. The question was raised at the recent Casey-Santorum debate. You can read in our current issue how Santorum defended himself.

Meanwhile, the NJDC their list of The Backwards Eighteen on Jewish issues, including five local Congressmen, our parenting column suggests some ways to keep your children's future in mind as you prepare to vote, and our In The Own Words section is privileged to record the stands of Lois Murphy and Jim Gerlach on Israel, Iraq, Iran and a host of other subjects as they were presented in the Temple Beth Hillel Beth El Sukkah.

Open Sukkah In the Sixth District
Murphy and Gerlach speak at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El.

Strengthen Him So That He Does Not Fall
Issues around children and youth in the 2006 election.

October Surprise?

  As the October draws to a close, Democrats remain are polling ahead of Republicans in a majority of Congressional races (226 to 207) and show a strong chance of taking the Senate as well. 

So far the much anticipated "October Surprise" has not taken place, but things can still happen until the day of the election.

  • The White House has sent two strike groups at this very time to the Persian Gulf to conduct interdiction exercises just off the coast of Iran. Will Iran bite and provoke the causus belli which the Administration needs? Or will the Administration take a cue from the Johnson administration's orchestration of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and simply claim that they did?
  • Will Osama Bin Laden or some other key figure be announced to have been captured?
  • Or conversely, will Bin Laden or his henchmen, provoke the United States with a new threat?
  • What will be made of the sentencing of Saddam Hussein which has been rescheduled to occur just two days before our elections?

We can only wait and see...

Featured In Last Month's Decision 5767 Dossier

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