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Volume 1 - Number 2 - August 2005 

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U.S. Political News & Op/Ed

London Attacked

As this issue goes to press, London is still recovering from horrific attacks on its citizens riding the London Underground and London buses.

Several writers offer their reflections on this tragedy:

Other news and opinion around the Jewish community that may have been overlooked in the local Jewish press.

Ongoing Features

The Exponent Watchpost

Those of you who read the Exponent regularly have noticed that the past 7 issues have sported a new look, and to some degree a new feel. Unfortunately, the editorial policy remains locked in promoting a conservative, partisan worldview. We now look at recent editorials about two issues: Defending Israel and The Supreme Court, that illustrate the limitations we see.

- by Alan Tuttle.

In Their Own Words

Each issue features a prominent politician speaking directly to our readers on issues of concern to the Jewish community.
  • Q&A with Lois Murphy candidate for U. S. Congress in  Pennsylvania's 6th district - perhaps the most competitive race in the country.. 

Around Our Community

In each issue this column concentrates on overlooked geographical regions or demographic segments of our community.

- Bruce Ticker

Living Judaism

Feature focused on Jewish Spirituality, Meaning and Activism with invited columns written by Rabbis belonging to the various movements of Judaism.

- Rabbi Goldie Milgram

The Few, the Jews, the Proud

Philadelphia Jewish Voice Group Photo

Staff and supporters of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice gathered Sunday, July 17, to celebrate publication of the imminent second issue - the one you're reading now - and the emergence of a new media outlet for the progressive Jewish community in our region.

Welcome to our new members of the staff: Ted Tapper, Treasurer of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice, treasurer@pjvoice.com, Lisa Tuttle, Food & Entertainment Editor food @ pjvoice.com, and Webmaster Alexander Rattner.

New Features

Networking Central: Progressive Group of the Month Corner

We all probably have other good ideas how to make use of our money and time to advance worthy endeavors. We plan to include in the Exponent Watch newsletter a regular section that would highlight a new local group each month in order to encourage networking.
  • Jewish Relief Agency. 57,000 Jews in the Philadelphia Area are Struggling to Make Ends Meet... You can Help!

Letters to the Editor

Write us. We want your feedback whether positive or negative. Representative letters will be published.

Upcoming Features

  • COMMUNITY CALENDAR: If your organization has an event it wishes to publicize, please register on our website and click on "add event".

  • FOOD SECTION: Our Lisa Tuttle will let you know what's cooking in the Jewish community. Contact her at food @ pjvoice.com


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