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August 2007

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Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen

The Buck (Naked) Stops Here
Bush tries again for Mideast peace.

It Hurts All Over
If you think life in Sderot is tough...

Army of Hate
Swastikas at Hunter Airfield, and a Rabbi on the Run

Snooze Alarm
It's time to rise.

Senator Mike Gravel
Democratic Presidential Contender from Alaska.

Chai Lifeline
Fighting Illness With Love.

Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine
Founder of Humanistic Judaism, Killed in Car Crash.

Preparing your child to visit a sick friend

Seems pretty straightforward to most people: Most of what public officials do should be open for everyone to see.
How they spend tax dollars. What they decide behind closed doors. The salaries they earn.
But Pennsylvania is one of the worst states when it comes to open records --- we rank 48th in fact.
When government can hide what it's doing, we all lose.

Reflections On A Visit To Germany

Debate Party

Save The Date October 30, 2007

The Democratic Presidential candidates will be gathering in Philadelphia, and we will watch them large than life on our big screen TV in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Share your thoughts (and nosh!) with your favorite writers and fellow readers of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. Exact time will be set once MSNBC announces their schedule, but we hope to schmooze before and after the debate.

Send RSVP's to Margo Brenner at brenner @ Tax-deductible donation to the Philadelphia Jewish Voice ($18 per person suggested).

Feel free to forward this invitation. Hearing the candidates debate the key issues of our day is the keystone of our Democracy, so the more the merrier. Meanwhile, feel free to participate in our online poll and read their messages to the Jewish community in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. [Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Dodd, Gravel, Obama, Richardson]