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Letters to the Editor

Semitic Label Curbs Talk About Israel

The wild accusations of anti-Semitism of Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL 10) against challenger Jay Footlik just goes to show how desperate and unscrupulous the waning conservative movement can be to preserve the last vestiges of its power. Footlik is a law partner with Yuval Rabin, lived in Israel for an extended period and is married to an Israeli. Footlik's website lists many Jewish interests as formative in both his childhood and his adult life. By contrast, Kirk's website lists no Jewish influences. The source of Kirk's accusations apparently is Footlik's attendance at the Yearly Kos bloggers' convention --- a broad based coalition of liberal and left verbal activists, which Footlik did not organize and over which he had no authority --- some of whom carried signs to which Kirk objected. Kirk has had to return contributions from PACs connected with Tom DeLay, Duke Cunningham, and Bob Ney, all recently involved in corruption scandals. Oddly, Kirk has taken an unusual number of liberal positions, despite his financial and political associations, and in contrast to his distorting ethnic rhetoric. In Mark Kirk's case, it would appear that he is simply applying the Saxby Chambliss strategy against Max Cleland --- accusing his opponent of views to which Footlik has no connection whatever.

-- Ben Burrows, Elkins Park, PA

Edwards Tackles Al-Qaeda

John Edwards delivered a very strong speech relating to fighting terrorism. He went beyond mere rhetoric and laid out policies. This is a substantive blueprint which is better than I've seen from any of the presidential candidates. Edwards understands that the burning issue of our era is terrorism and the related morass our country is facing in Iraq due to our misguided incursion to stamp out terrorism which was based on trumped up intelligence. His website reflects that importance. Compare it to Hillary's or Barak's website to gauge the importance they place on this topic.

-- Beverly Hahn, Blue Bell, PA

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