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Children at Golden Slipper Camp.
Networking Central

Golden Slipper
Their secret to success.

-- Paul Geller, Executive Director, Golden Slipper Club & Charities

Since 1922, Golden Slipper Club & Charities has been one united organization performing a variety of community services, all under the dedicated supervision of its active, hands-on members who help the Club succeed. "Slipper" is truly a one-of-a-kind charity that serves people in need of all ages, with a focus on the Philadelphia region's Jewish community in particular.

Over the years Slipper has evolved from a small gathering of Masons who donated money from casual poker games to local residents in need, to a multi-faceted, far-reaching, member-driven organization that serves thousands of people every year. Today, Slipper's diversified services that help people in the Philadelphia area include:

  • An overnight summer camp in the Poconos for children in need with generous scholarships available for deserving families (Golden Slipper Camp).
  • Four year college scholarships for deserving Philadelphia-area students (Slipper Scholars).
  • A mentoring/networking/socializing group for young professionals (Young Slipper Professionals).
  • Emergency grants for families in need (Human Needs and Services Committee, a.k.a. HUNAS).
  • A day care center for senior citizens (Golden Slipper Center for Seniors).
  • An annual Passover Seder for over 600 area seniors, many of whom do not have family with whom to celebrate the holiday, in conjunction with the Passover League of Philadelphia (Seder Committee).
Food delivery by Human Needs and Services Committee.

Many charities come and go, but few have the ability to change and grow with the times. Golden Slipper Club & Charities is one non-profit organization, however, that has been serving the Delaware Valley's Jewish community for over 85 years, developing charitable programs, operating high-end facilities to help those in need, and dynamically serving the local residents in virtually any way possible. Unlike most other non-profit organizations, Slipper’s volunteer members do most of the work to keep it running. Each month, the HUNAS committee members review dozens of social workers' cases to determine which local families in need could most use financial assistance. In order to distribute thousands of dollars in scholarships every year, members meet to plan, review applications, interview qualified applicants, and decide on which ones are most deserving of the prestigious awards. For Slipper’s annual fundraiser, volunteer members do the bulk of the planning and work, with support from the experienced administrative staff. To some, this all might sound like work. To Slipperites, this is what life is all about... helping others by giving back to the community and making lifelong friends along the way.

Annual Golden Slipper passover seder for over 600 area seniors.

During Slipper's meetings, events, and activities throughout the year, an incredible bond grows between members young and old, and the positive feeling that builds from helping others is simply inspiring, which brings members back year in and year out. This tradition stems from Slipper's long-time motto: "Charity, Good-Fellowship, Loyalty." These three simple words say it all. The motto is Slipper's true secret to success.

There are numerous ways to get involved, meet new people and have fun helping your community, including:

  • Volunteer at the annual Seder dinner for area seniors at Har Zion on April 7.
  • Shop, socialize and support a great cause at the Ladies handbag auction on May 20 at Bala Golf Club.
  • Attend the annual golf outing and fundraiser at Rivercrest on June 3.
  • Get away with other members, guests and their kids for a fun-filled weekend at beautiful Golden Slipper Camp June 13-15.
  • Celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday by traveling with Slipper friends to some of the country’s most spectacular historic, scenic and cultural sites, November 6 – 18.
  • Join the HUNAS committee and help provide local families with vital assistance and financial support
  • And much more...

If you would like to learn more about Slipper's hands-on philosophy and be a part of a dynamic, growing organization, please contact Paul Geller, executive director, at the Slipper office at 610-660-0510 or pgeller@goldenslipper.org, or visit our website.

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