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Violence broke out at an Arab demonstration in Nice, France against the war in Gaza.
Violence broke out at an Arab demonstration in Nice, France against the war in Gaza. Seven police were hurt and eleven rioters were arrested as the youth broke off from the crowd and smashed shop windows.

Financial Crisis
Please Mind the Environment.

Tribes of Rivals
Obama and Israel's future.

Department of Waste, Fraud and Abuse
Why the budget process is so difficult.

Israel Policy Forum Roadmap
Barack Obama at the crossroads.

Rotten in Gaza
Defeat of Hamas suggested at rallies.

Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen Mr Kirschen's comment on this cartoon: "I must admit that I was angry when I did this cartoon. Angry at the demonization of Israel. Angry at the lies. Angry at the government's lack of planning for the "day after". Angry at the political curtailing of the operation. So did the cartoon make you laugh? Or did the anger come through? Or are you one of those who think that Israel actually did "mercilessly flatten all of Gaza from one end to the other"?

Spare the Rod
In defense of Blagojevich (kind of).

Letters to the Editor

Gaza War Strikes Home
Palestinian and Jew: Attorneys-at-law.

Upon Returning from Israel
Local rabbi visits Israel during Gaza war.

Soldier and Cinderella
An altogether different portrayal.


Jane Eisner
Editor of The Forward.

Senator George J. Mitchell
Special envoy to the Middle East.

The Inauguration of Barack Obama
A Jewish perspective.

Congressional Dems support for Israel.

My Name is Asher Lev
From novel to stage play.

Madoff Lessons
Madoff, financial challenges and your children

Cosmic Cupcake Decorator Roz Bratt, owner of Homemade Goodies by Roz - just one of the great finds at the Jewish Relief Agency's Food and Community Expo.

Herman Rosenblat and the Cult of Good Feeling
A Holocaust Fraud.

Jewish Girl in Syria
Rachel Levine is studying Arabic in Syria.

Why should you become a vegetarian?
More teens choosing vegetarianism

Great Kosher Products
The Jewish Relief Agency's Food and Community Expo.