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March 2009

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• Bravo Specter
• Redistricting 2010
• DC Representation
• Delusional
• Early Voting
• Divestment
• Madoff
• Green Jobs
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• Lost Election
• Chazan not defeated
• Honoring Yeshiva Victims

In Their Own Words
• Alan Grayson

• Recording For Blind

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• Honoring Lodish
• New Mural Project

Raising A Mensch
• Soul Child

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Senator Arlen Specter
Standing up to GOP to stimulate the economy.

Redistricting Forum
Representatives choosing their voters or voters choosing their representatives?

Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen

Taxation with Representation
A novel concept for the District of Columbia.

Jonathan Tobin's Dismissal of Stimulus Plan
Editor of Exponent finds ideological home at Commentary.

Vote Early...
Bringing Pennsylvania's democracy process into the 21st century.

Pro-Palestinian students, Hampshire college debate divestment.

Who Made Off With Our Tzedakah?
Time to blame the victims.

Middle Class Task Force Meets in Philadelphia
Task Force focuses on green jobs.

Letters to the Editor

Livni or Netanyahu?
The election we all lost.

Reflections on the Israeli Election
Chazan dismayed but not defeated.

Honoring Slain students Through Torah Study
U of Penn Hillel honor yeshiva boys' memory.


Congressman Alan Grayson
Freshman Congressman from Florida.

At a City Hall press conference announcing the city-wide giant mural project, "This We Believe," are (left to right) Linda Munich, of 6abc; Gary SAteuer, the Mayor's cultural arts director; Jane Golden, executive director of the Mural Arts Program; and Mayor Michael Nutter. (Photo credit: Bonnie Squires)

Recording For The Blind And Dyslexic
Bringing focus to the written word.

Israel Film Festival of Greater Philadelphia
Prize winning films beginning March 7.

Theater Ariel to Honor Susan Lodish
Fundraisher on Monday, March 23.

City-wide Mural Arts Project
Mayor Nutter and Jane Golden announce new project.

Raising a Child with Soul
New book by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff.

Walking the Walk
Teens share dreams and recognition across faiths.

Jews Change the Way the World Eats
A Talk with Philadelphia Chef and Cookbook Author Aliza Green..