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Ivy League-Legacy,
Billionaires in support of Starbucks. "Think Globall. Oppress Locally"

Networking Central

Billionaires for Bush

Because we are all in this together, sort of

For much of the 20th century, democratic notions like "opportunity for all" and "public service" dominated American public policy, seriously threatening the privileges of wealth all Billionaires depend on. Government taxed the rich, regulated corporations and protected the environment. The average person felt increasingly entitled to share in America's prosperity. Ordinary people were educated for free, and over 50 media companies helped give them a balanced picture of what the government and corporations were up to.

They were dark days.
Like Martin Luther King forty years before them Billionaires lead a heroic march for their rights to buy the president. 

But we Billionaires fought back, using our money to beat democracy at its own game. In the early 70s, we created think tanks like the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. We paid scholars top dollar to come up with theories "explaining" why increasing our wealth was in everybody's interest.

Plutocrats and corporate shills had a good run of it in the 80s. Unions were broken, industries deregulated, media relieved of the legal obligation to provide balanced news coverage; public services were slashed and debt skyrocketed, along with budget expenditures for our defense companies.

But we're not just about short-term handouts to corporations; we're about creating a Billionaire-friendly America --- forever. With George W. Bush in the White House, we're getting there. Fast.

Never has one man doing so much for so few at the expense of so many. He's appointed Billionaire-friendly judges to the bench, allowed industry to write the nation's policies and even let our companies count the votes at election time! In fact, we think we're only one Presidency away from ensuring that America will always be a place where corporations come first, where no billionaire is left behind and social services are a mere footnote in the checkbook of history. Huzzah!

Billionaires thank ordinary citizens for taking on a greater tax burden to put millions in our pockets. 

Our Story

For years, we ruled this country from behind closed limo doors. But thanks to George W. Bush, we don't have to hide anymore. We've donned our tiaras top hats to show that you can speak power to truth.

Billionaires for Bush is a grassroots network of corporate lobbyists, decadent heiresses, Halliburton CEOs and other winners under George W. Bush's economic policies. Headquartered in Wall Street and with chapters nationwide, we know a good president when we buy one.

Who Are We?

  • We are the CEOs who make 280 times the pay of an average worker.
  • We are the 1% who own more than 40% of the wealth in this great land.
  • We are a who's-who of corporate America, and we are organized!

Who Are We, Really?

Billionaires for Bush is a do-it-yourself grassroots media campaign using humor and street theater to expose politicians who support corporate interests at the expense of everyday Americans.

Launched officially in January 2004, the organization grew rapidly and became one of the great stories of the campaign season.

Dressed in formal attire, Billionaires For Bush take to the streets armed with hard facts, catchy songs and humorous spin. Whether we're marching to widen the healthcare gap, holding vigils for corporate 
welfare or gathering in the nation's capital to ask "Where's the Profit in Peace?" our street actions generate media coverage and spark lively conversations among people of all political points of view.
K. Ching toasts to Bush's unprecedented tax breaks for billionaires. Photo by Fred Askew. 

t's a one-two punch: Charm the pants off onlookers with big smiles and beauty queen waves... Meanwhile, slip your serious message under the radar
 --" Right Attitude" Emma Chastain The New Republic Online

Billionaires for Bush are proof that street theater and satire are not dead? That it is possible to make a political point and draw a smile at the same time; indeed, a smile may deliver the message far more effectively than a shout. -- The New York Times

In addition to the street actions that have been covered in more than 250 local, national, and international media outlets, the Billionaires for Bush website both spreads our message and builds our ranks.

With online campaigns like the ?Dick Cheney Defense Fund? or B4B?s auction of Social Security on eBay, visitors are invited to help defend the interests of the wealthiest one percent via the web. For those interested in getting more involved or forming their own chapters, the Do-It-Yourself Manual in the site's "Be A Billionaire" section contains talking points, downloadable signs and banners, lyrics and backing tracks for the songs from our two professionally-produced cds. and tips on staging Billionaire actions. The organization grew from 3 to 100 chapters during the 2004 election season and chapters across the country are preparing for elections this fall.

Seasoned Billionaire organizers are available to conduct workshops for activists and school groups. "Get On the Limo", a mockumentary film about the group, is currently being shown across the country and is available for private screenings. The Billionaire Follies can be booked for events or seen onstage (their new show, Spring Bling, runs Saturdays from March 18-April 15 at Ace of Clubs in New York), and The Big Business Minute can be seen on the Dish Network's INN, (9415 DISH). For 
information, visit or email 

Meg A. Bucks is currently a National Co-Chair of Billionaires For Bush. She is a proud Ranger who enjoys reading the works of Ann Coulter and going on hunting trips with Dick Cheney. Her underpaid assistant, Elissa Jiji, who lives, teaches, and works her food co-op shift in New York City, typed this article for less than minimum wage.

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